trump is jody?

who is jody?

Ask any draftee. Jody is a character from military folklore‚ expressed most often in march cadences called “Jody Calls” or just “Jodies”. Jody rushes into the vacuum created when the draftee leaves home for military service. He gleefully helps himself to whatever opportunities the draftee left behind.

Army Drill Sergeant
the drill sergeant

Imagine yourself just off the bus at 2:30 in the morning at Fort Jackson (or any other basic training facility)‚ toeing the yellow line‚ and your first Drill Sergeant steps up to address you. Among lots of other things, he says‚ “You men don’t need to worry about back home. Jody will take care of that. He will take your job. He will drive your Cadillac. And Jody will steal your girl. Welcome to the United States Army!

Jody lives the good life back on the block while you‚ you poor dumb draftee‚ sacrifice two years‚ and maybe worse‚ for your country. Jody is not a well–liked person.

what did you do in the war‚ donald?

Sometime in 1999, Donald Trump in an interview described to Howard Stern his view of women and dating:
Trump: It's amazing. I can't even believe it. I've been so lucky, in terms of that whole world.
Stern: You've never gotten a social disease?
Trump: It is a dangerous world out there. It was like Vietnam, sort of like. You know, like the Vietnam era.
Stern: It was your personal Vietnam, wasn't it?
Trump: It was my personal Vietnam. I was like a great and very brave soldier.

Below is a satirical piece from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, embedded from Youtube:

Donald “Jody” Trump seemed able to use his feet well enough to chase women.

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Trump is Jody!